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      時間:2021-01-05    點擊數:

      主題:A leap in the dark: The role of internal and external attentions on firm performance in the AI industry






      The artificial intelligence (AI) industry has emerged and attracted substantial attention due to the rapid technological progress. Drawing upon the attention-based view (ABV), we may theorize that a firm’s organizational attention is a key determinant of technological performance in the development of AI industry. However, how a firm’s internal and external attentions influence its technological performance remain unclear. In particular, external media attention, including coverage (more or fewer), content (AI or non-AI related), and attitude (favorable and unfavorable), can serve as boundary conditions to enhance or reduce the effect of organizational attention. Using a sample of US publicly listed firms in the AI industry from 1992 to 2018, we find that AI-related media coverage and unfavorable non-AI-related media attitude strengthen the positive effect of internal attention on technological performance, whereas non-AI-related media coverage and unfavorable AI-related media attitude weaken the effect. In addition, favorable AI-related media attitude does not show significant impact, whereas favorable non-AI-related media attitude weakens the positive effect.


      肖書鋒,北京大學光華管理學院博士候選人。主要有3個研究方向,包括:1)基于企業行為理論解釋企業創新戰略;2)關注新興行業(例如人工智能行業)中的企業內外部注意力的影響;3)基于中國和美國國家專利局專利數據多方面研究國家競爭力,企業競爭力,和知識流動。目前,相關科研成果已被Journal of Business Ethics接收一篇,四篇科研成果發表于《南開管理評論》等權威中文期刊,還有一篇論文被AOM會議提名最佳學生主導論文。其他工作論文也處與審稿或者即將投稿的過程中。

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