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      Liu, S., Zhang, M., 高寶俊*, & Jiang, G. Physician voice characteristics and patient satisfaction in online health consultation.
      時間:2020-07-03    點擊數:

      Abstract:This study examines the collective effects of voice and physician characteristics on patient satisfaction based on 35,597 voice-based medical services provided by physicians in a mobile health community. Results show patient satisfaction is positively influenced by the physician’s speech rate but negatively affected by the average spectral centroid of consultation voice. A fast speaker and speech with neural emotion are more likely to be associated with higher patient satisfaction than a slow speaker and speech with low and high emotion states. However, these effects are weak for physicians with high professional capital, which suggests a substitute role for voice characteristics.

      Keywords:Mobile consultation; Voice characteristic; Speech rate; Average spectral centroid; Patient satisfaction; Professional capital

      本文于2020年7月發表于Information & Management,57(5),該刊為學院英文B+類獎勵期刊, 高寶俊為本文通訊作者?;诖河赆t生App中35,597例在線問診的音頻數據,文章研究了在線健康咨詢社區中醫生的語音特征,如語速、頻譜質心對病人問診滿意度的影響,以及醫生社會資本的調節作用。